Looking for a House? Take a Tour

Puente Del Este, Uruguay Part of the joy of being an expat is also part of the problem. Where are you going to live? By this point any number of guidebooks, web sites, expat forums and speculation have give you some strong leanings.

You may know that you are a beach person. Or the mountains are calling out to you. Some will be unrepentant city dwellers.

But unless you are on an expat package and your employer has pre-determined you place of residence, it's decision time.

Doing your geo-location research should be more pleasure than pain. One way of assuring more pleasure than pain is by engaging a reputable private tour. Before you snort, "I ain't no damned tourist," stop and think about some things.

Advantages of traveling as a passenger rather than a driver allows you certain freedoms and avoids some potential problems.

  • You get to watch the countryside and roadside activities.
  • Keeping a journal on your travels is much easier
  • You learn traffic laws by observation rather than by participation.
  • Avoid stopping every few kilometers to ask direction in an unfamiliar language.

Your driver will be able to help in any number of ways.

  • Help negotiating accommodations and rates - help with luggage.
  • Will know how to check out local eateries for tasty and hygienic food.
  • My know about certain location that are not in guide books

A few more suggestions about private tours.

  • Take roundabout routes.
  • Take more short tours than one long one.
  • If you find an interesting area stay a few days rather than moving on too quickly.