Retirement in the Americas

retirement in thailand concept Western Hemisphere countries run the gamut in extremes .. price level, freedom, corruption, weather and populations. While some expats naturally look to Asia or Central America, Canada's vastness and and landscapes appeal to others.


Several hundred thousand Europeans, Brits, Canadians and U.S. citizens have taken up residence in Mexico. Guadalahara has a huge expat community. More retirees are chasing the great beaches and cheaper housing of Cozumel and Mazatlan.

One reason for so many US and Canadian expats is proximity to friends and family. It's an easy trip to visit friends and family.

Central America

Costa Rica came of age decades ago as a prime expat retirement region. Safety, cost of living and a short flight home served as prime motivators. Read more details about what to expect when moving to and living in Costa Rica

Panama is the most developed country in Central America. Besides having the Panama Canal, the country that separates Central and South America serves as an international banking hub.

Highlands on the mainland as well as coastal areas and Caribbean Islands attract increasing numbers of expats. One reason is the well defined visa and residency policies. Another is the discount packages mandated by the Panamanian government in favor of retirees. Find some information on retiring in Panama.

South America

Argentina is the most cosmopolitan country in South America. Buenos Aires is considered the Paris of the Americas. Argentina's financial collapse of years ago made it attractive to expats. The nation is second in size to Brazil.

Much as its neighbor to the west, Argentina boasts fine vineyards and world renowned wines. The landscapes of Argentina vary from sub Antarctic to coastal moderate to the warm highlands near Bolivia and Paraguay. Information on retiring in Argentina. (coming soon)

Chile seems to be the least corrupt country in South America. Fine wines, a long coastline, and outstanding scenery should put Chile on Anyone's shortlist.

The country runs for thousands of miles between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. The sub Antarctic area of Tierra del Fuego is about as far south as it gets, while at the northern border, Chile has great surf and sub tropical beaches. Find out more about living in Chile.

Uruguay is the laid back land of gauchos .. South America's cowboys. Is there any surprise that grilled steak is on so many breakfast menus?

But before you think the country of only 3.5 million on the Atlantic Ocean is nothing more than cows and cowboys, Punta Del Este is a an international beach resort are for jet setters from around the globe.

Uruguay has a well-defined residency scheme that any realistic retired expat should be able to quality for. Housing is reasonable and the people, 95% of European descent are friendly. Property ownership is relatively straight forward. Information on retiring in Uruguay . (coming soon)