Expats' Points of View

Borocay, Philippines Every expat living abroad has a Point of View. Very often those points of view change as the expat learns more about his adopted country. All points of view tend to be colored by the individual expat's experience.

Expat points of view range from glorious ecstasy to abject bitterness. Emotional attachments and financial reversals often have a serious impact. But each Point of View may contain a gem of wisdom that will help us along our path.

We will be happy to publish any reasonably written point of view.

Paradise Lost or Information Found?

Every expat who has lived offshore for any number of years will probably lament the changes in culture, safety and lifestyle in his adopted country. A recent post on an expat forum made an interesting point about .. paradise lost.

Retirement in the Philippines

by Byron Bales - "While all countries have their pros and cons regarding retirement, the Philippines arguably has far more cons. It's necessary to know the people and the nation's history in order to understand why things are so screwed up in this archipelago of 7,107 islands. .. more on Philippines retirement"

Did You Say Costa Rica?

by Margie Davis - "In September of 2005, at the ripe age of 55, I left the United States behind and moved with 140 pounds of my earthly belongings to Costa Rica. I had decided to get divorced and I wanted not only a new life, but a new place to live my life. .. Living in Costa Rica"

Living in Panama - Retiring in Panama

by Matt & Mary - "We always tell people that contact us the best place to live depends on the person looking. We have friends in the jungle, beach, city, mountains and places in between. The country is so diverse that there is a place for everyone. .. Living in Panama"

Retirement - Long Term Stay in Thailand

by MacAlan Thompson and Les Strouse - "Thai Visa Obtain a "NON-O visa" from a Thai Embassy abroad; it can be for 90 days, or for one year with multiple entries. If a one year validity, you need to depart Thailand every 90 days and reenter for a new 90 day period. .. Living in Thailand"

Living in Vietnam

by Joseph Herrmann - "I am not retired, but working in Vietnam as an English teacher. Indeed I have learned a lot from my time in the country. .. Living in Vietnam"

Retirement in Haiti

by Byron Bales - "This might sounds crazy, but yes; an interesting retirement can be had in Haiti .. Living in Haiti"

Retirement in the Dominican Republic

by Byron Bales - "You wouldn't believe that the Dominican Republic in on the same island as Haiti; Hispaniola. Not that the DR. is that great; it's just that Haiti is so broke-dick poor .. Living in the Dominican Republic"

Retirement in Mexico

by Byron Bales - "Here's one of the big ones! If you don't know about the latest American invasion of Mexico - America stole 1/3 of that country over a century ago - it's time someone told you .. Living in Mexico"

Retirement in New Zealand

by Byron Bales - "Now, you're talking about a great place to retire. New Zealanders are organized, efficient, competitive, yet cordial almost to a fault. If the world needed a model society, this is as close as you'll get .. Living in New Zealand"

China Experiences

by Paco - "They are very into Christmas around here, but I don't think they know much about the Jesus story. I just wish I had my camera when, on Christmas day, Li and I went into town to buy her a new cell phone. China Experiences"