Moving to Singapore

retirement in thailand concept U.K. expats will quickly feel at home with Singapore's rainy season which pretty much runs all year long.

And singapore is expensive. Some expats claim that in order to live comfortably in Singapore, you must be a millionaire.

The government is very strict when it comes to enforcing the laws, especially drug laws, but it is also unusually stable, as is the economy. Before I forget, it's a crime punishable by a fine of S$150 to $1,000 if you don't flush a public toilet when you're through doing your business. Littering draws a S$1,000 fine for the first offense. Smoking in a prohibited area will set you back some retirement dollars as well.

Singapore takes the concept of high tech to the extreme. Everyone there is wired into the Internet and you can keep in touch with your global friends and family via e-mail, chat, or Internet telephony.

Map of Singapore

Are you a techie? Singapore wants you

The people are friendly and Europeans and Americans won't get the cold shoulder.

There's no income tax on any income derived from outside of Singapore. They don't need your income tax money, they'll get it out of you in fines!

Condos are plentiful and the prices are fair. Most are very well maintained and family friendly with playgrounds, pools and the 'condo camaraderie' that provides instant neighbors.

Expats can buy property after completing some obligatory red tape.

All in all, a great place to retire -- tied with Thailand -- two top picks for retiring in Southeast Asia -- income being one deciding factor.