Moving to the Philippines

retirement in thailand concept Used to be that Yanks and Brits got the red carpet in the Philippines, but recently the carpet has faded a bit. Terrorist activities are on the rise as well, and safety concerns for expats are a hot topic of discussion.

Map of Philippine Islands

The cost of living remains relatively low and you can still rent a lot of home for a few hundred bucks per month. Household help is still a bargain as well, but you have to be more concerned about who you're letting into your gated driveways these days.

That being said, with thousands of islands in the archipelago, there are some stunningly beautiful spots to retire. And things seem to be getting more retirement friendly in the Philippines. Or is it just a money grab? Have a look at what our Manila correspondent has to say.

Retirement & Visas

The Philippines is one of the best places in the world to enjoy your retirement. The country is gifted with over seven thousand beautiful islands, blessed with countless summer getaways, and teeming with fantastic vacation spots. Clear pristine waters, endless sandy beaches, and palm trees gently swaying in the breeze abound in the tropical islands of the Philippines.

Thrill seekers and those wishing to lead an active life after retirement can look forward to the thriving flora and fauna, exotic escapades, and other exciting adventures that await them in the Philippines. If you imagine yourself surrounded by the deep blue ocean, feasting upon the freshest catch from the sea, and sipping on a refreshing, newly picked from the tree coconut, then the Philippines is the place to be for you.

The Philippines also has its urbanized cities, modernized hubs, and commercial districts. Filipino urban dwellers embrace the more familiar customs of global Western ways while still preserving their Philippine culture, traditions, and morals. City life in the Philippines is a good way of having a true Filipino experience while still enjoying the Western conveniences and other creature comforts that you might be accustomed to.

Philippine urban living lets you have access to the best shopping malls, quality golf courses, five star spas, international labels, fine dining restaurants, and other places and activities for rest and recreation.

The Philippines' high ranking as one of the top places to retire can be largely credited to the Filipino people. Filipinos are known worldwide for their warm hospitality, kind generosity, cheerful disposition, and friendly smiles. You will find it easy to look for Filipino people who are honest, trustworthy, hardworking, and willing to help you.

English is readily spoken by Filipinos and a large percentage of Filipino citizens can understand and speak even just a little bit of English. As a foreigner, approach Filipinos politely and they will be very willing to try and communicate with you.

Just recently in 2006, the Philippine government declared that it aims to turn the Philippines into the retirement capital of Southeast Asia. This is even more good news for those seeking to retire in the Philippines. Edgar Aglipay, the Philippine Leisure and Retirement Authority (PLRA) chairperson, said in a statement that he would personally ask Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to assume the position of "Retirement Czar" and to prioritize the National Retirement Program during her period in office. National Retirement Program