Moving to Panama

retirement in thailand concept Why Panama? (from Panamanian Embassy website)

Panama offers easy retirement visas and attractive perks for retirees.

  • It is considered as a safety place for tourism.
  • Convenient air flights connections with many cities in USA and Latin America.
  • Modern infrastructure, including top-class hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, casinos, bars, and so forth. Also, banking services, roads, telecommunication systems allow Panama to be quite competitive in business.
  • Short distance between tourism spots, since Panama is a relatively small country.
  • US dollar widely used everywhere.
  • A huge variety of exotic beaches and islands at the two coasts - Pacific and Atlantic Ocean sides - where marine sports such as fishing, surfing, scuba diving, sailing and so forth can be enjoyed.
  • A splendid destination for Ecotourism. Because of its pristine and bio-diverse rainforests, Panama has a marvelous variety of fauna and flora, where many species are endemic. Panama is especially famous for orchids, birds and butterflies.
  • It is a world class adventure tourism spot. Kayaking, snorkeling, rafting and other activities could be practiced.
  • Encounter of cultures, where you have the opportunity to see Indians tribes, as well as people of other races, mixed throughout the different historical periods of Panama.
  • 5 natural and historical World Heritage places, recognized by UNESCO.
  • And obviously, the great engineering wonder: the Panama Canal.