Living in Myanmar?

Swedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon) Myanmar (Burma) Is Myanmar aka Burma turning the corner? It appears so. Many western countries are now normalizing diplomatic relations with the country.

No doubt that a jungle of bureaucracy awaits anyone seeking to retire or stay long-term in Myanmar. But you will read lots of buzz in expat forums about Burma as another and possibly fresher Southeast Asia option.

Myanmar is definately one of those places that is worth a visit . That visit is possibly best launched from Bangkok, Thailand

Visas for Republic of Myanmar

At present, Myanmar has few visa options.

  • Tourist visa - 28 days
  • Busines Visa - 70 days
  • Various specialty visas

Requirements seem to be relatively normal.

Apparently visa applications can be made by mail. A list of Myanmar missions.

Life in Burma

Burma has a great deal of potential for the right kind of expat. Although it has been almost 20 years since I visited, I doubt thet the culture has changed all that much. My trp to Myanmar was only to Rangoon / Yangon. I went there as a amateur gemologist to study gems. More about my expertience in Yangon (coming)