Living in Malaysia

retirement in thailand concept Malaysia is where sanity and Southeast Asia come together. The country has a thriving economy and foreigners are not (usually) cursed, shunned, or stoned by the locals unless they do something to offend Islam..

Recent changes in the law have made it possible for foreigners to purchase real estate in Malaysia, but there is a bit of red tape and some hoops to jump through.

Speaking of hoops, the government frowns on drug and serious alcohol offenses here and that hoop you're jumping through just might be a noose around your neck. So play it straight when you're in town. Caneing is still in favor here too, so don't get too froggy.

On the bright side, your pension money is tax-free as long as it comes from outside of the country. You'll be required to pay domestic income tax on anything you earn inside of the country whether from employment or investment. Offshore interest is tax free, however, so do what you think is best.

Map of Peninsular Malaysia
Map of Sabah & Sarawak

Here's an interesting note straight from the government's official web site:

"The "Malaysia, My Second Home" program welcomes "foreign nationals (except Israel, Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro) to stay in Malaysia on a long term Social Visit Pass under the "Malaysia - My Second Home Programme". Duration of stay is for a period of five(5) years with a Multiple Entry Visa."