Retiring & Living in China

Hainan Island on China's Coast "Retiring in China" is somewhat of a misnomer because China presently has no retirement scheme for expats. Living in China, i.e., working in China, seems to be a different matter. Obtaining a work permit is often easier in China than in Southeast Asia.

Many expats succumb to the beauty of China's fair sex and, as such, get married. That makes getting a visa much easier, and makes long-term stays in China realistic..

Where to Live in China?

That's a question that may have more answers than bamboo has uses.

  • China is vast China covers 22,117 km of land area and shares borders with 14 other nations: Afghanistan (76 km), Bhutan (470 km), Burma (2,185 km), India (3,380 km), Kazakhstan (1,533 km), North Korea (1,416 km), Kyrgyzstan (858 km), Laos (423 km), Mongolia (4,677 km), Nepal (1,236 km), Pakistan (523 km), Russia (4,300 km), Tajikistan (414 km), and Vietnam (1,281 km). Regional borders include: Hong Kong (30 km) and Macau
  • China is diverse - Tropical islands and miles of idyllic beaches. - High mountains - Vast deserts
  • A broad range of cultures and ethnic diversities spread from deserts to lush river valleys
  • Studying China's incredible history could probably occupy a lifetime
  • And they have an interesting wall

Recommended Locations for Living in China