Chile for Retirement - Living in Chile

retirement in thailand concept Chile may have the most diverse climatic conditions of any country on earth. What that means is you will be able to find a climate and land/seascape that suits your fancy. Or, if you are a well-heeled expat, you can have a winter home and a summer residence .. or more.

Is it possible to live in Chile on a tourist visa?
But, how about owning property in Chile?
Getting a residency permit in Chile
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  • Chile stretches for 6,000 kilometers on the Pacific Ocean side of the Andes. To put that in perspective, Chile's Pacific coastline is about double the Pacific coastline of the USA.
  • The phrase "Chile has it all" is no exaggeration. From the Pacific Beaches to the snow capped mountains, Chile certainly does have something for everyone.
  • Wine connoisseurs already know about the quality and value of Chilean wines. Vineyard visits are a must for collectors and the curious alike.
  • Snow skiing and snow boarding are available from June - October. Resorts in Valle Nevado, Portillo, Termas de Chill´┐Żn and Antillanca offer reasonable packages
  • Surfing - Surfline calls Chile the the "goofy-foot paradise", with large, hollow, consistent waves, "infinity of spots and huge perfect waves, nearly all lefts and crowds that some have compared to California in the 50's."
  • Housing / Property - Yes, you can own property in your own name even if you don't have a "residence visa". In the large cities, expect to pay from US$ 200 - 800 for an apartment. In the outer regions, rents and land are cheaper. One example of a deluxe apartment for sale in Arica, a beach community in the far north.

    Buying and building your dream home is another option.
  • Astronomers rate Chile as one of the world's premier spots. San Pedro de Atacama, the ultimate mecca of tourism and astronomy is home to the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory .. the world's largest and most advanced optical telescope
  • Weather - To comment on Chile's weather can be an exercise in futility. Temperatures range from the high 100's F in the deserts of the North to the freezing cold of the glacial Tierra Del Fuego.
  • Language - Learning to speak Spanish will pay numerous dividends.