Living in Bali, Indonesia

temple on lake in Bali, Indonesia Bali might be the perfect place for retirement were it not for those pesky visa requirements. Bali is among the most difficult Southeast Asia countries in which to stay long term. As a result, visa runs are a popular expat discussion

But long term expats seem to think that the beauty of the island and living among the Balinese people is worth the inconvenience.

Cost of Living in Bali, Indonesia

Maybe part of Bali's attractiveness is the cost of living. Hearing prices quoted in millions of Rupihas can be staggering. As of this writing, the exchange rate is € 1 = IDR 11,000+. Use the currency converter in the top menu to check current rates.

Just as everywhere on earth, especially in Southeast Asia, your cost of living can vary wildly depending on your lifestyle. Numerous sources claim that a single person or couple can live a modest lifestyle for between € 1,000 and 2,000. More .. cost of living in Bali

Life in Bali

It helps if you don't have western expectations about food, infrastructure and bureaucracy. If you want "home" you will likely be better off staying home. Many things in Bali will likely be off-putting. Other experiences will be thrilling, even memorable. Attitude is much of the catalyst. More about .. living in Bali

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