Why Write Content for Your Web Site?

Why Participate in Expat Interviews Are You a Proud Expat?

Visitors come to this site to get information. Some are dreamers, but others are seriously considering a moveabroad. Some may be weighing options and wondering what it's like to live in the country that you have already chosen.

No one person can know all the world. Few have enough experience in a country to give more than a cursory explanation of the potential locations involved. So the best resource for expats is a variety of opinions.

Reasons to Participate

Expat retirees have different sets of questions than younger expats looking for a career or for expats on corporate packages. Couples or families will may be looking for different types of information than unmarried expats. But every bit of accurate information will help someone in their decision.

Help an Expat

Remember when you first arrived? I do. It was confusing. Fortunately, someone helped me learn my way around. But I wish I had done a lot more research. Please share your knowledge by participating in our virtual expat interview .. or .. write an article / tell a story.

Some of you with blogs and websites about your adopted countries may be wondering why you would consider doing an expat interview with Retired Expat.com? After all, you want people to visit your site rather than ours. So, what's in it for you?

Good question.

Networking Pays Dividends

Why do you pass out business cards? Expats need information and they need services when moving or while living offshore. A network of websites about an offshore location is a virtual shopping mall. When someone sees a site about their new country they get curious and will probably visit. If they visit, they may well buy the goods or services you are offering.

Why Me and Not You?

No one can be an expert on all countries an expat might consider. For that reason some of the best expats websites have content that has predominantly been contributed by other blogs, websites and freelancers. We intend to cover a large area of expat locations. That means that we can't provide information as detailed as can expats on the ground in a specific location

Blogs Are Better Than Newspapers

Your well-written and up-to-date blog will get repeat visits. Basically, you just need to get a visitor to bookmark your blog. But if visitors don't know your site, they can't bookmark it.

Searchers Quit at Page Three

So how will someone find your site or blog? Research shows that if you are not on page three or better of the search results on search engines, you are invisible.

Recommendations Work

Having an article or an interview on a website is a tacit recommendation. If a webmaster thinks enough of you, your site, your blog, or your message to add it to their site; more readers will take you seriously.

And when an expat or potential expat reads your article or interview, s/he forms an opinion. You suddenly become more personal than not.

Articles Work Even Better

"Hey, that guy knows what he's talking about!"

A well-written article will do even more to attract attention than a simple interview will. You control the topic. You control the flow. You know what xpats coming to your adopted country need to learn.

  • Write an article
  • Tell a story
  • Tell about yourself

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Do you have a specialty? If so, consider an email interview. Just send an email indication your interest. That allows more in-dept discussions of important issues and aspects of living and working offshore. Especially important are the housing sector as well as work permits, residency and citizenship issues. A typical interview involves two to four exchanges of emails.

For those participating in email interviews, we add a bio to the interview that can have live links to websites as well as live contact links. Email us at spamhaus.org

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