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retirement in thailand concept RetiredExpat.com is about serving expats, whether they be retired or not. We couldn't get the domain name expat.com so we decided this one would have to do.

While we hope those of you who are on "Corporate Packages" will find our web site of benefit, our primary target are individuals who have decide to change their country of residence. We think a lot of folks do that for retirement.

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  Expats and Expat Webmaster Contributors - We need you to make this site a vibrant resource for expats. We need for you to tell other expats what living in your adopted country is like. Your prose doesn't need to be pretty. We can always spruce it up a bit. We do like on-the-ground accuracy and that is what expats around the world can give us.

Tell everyone about the problems you encountered when you arrived, and how you solved them. Tell us what makes life in your country unique.

We will gladly add bylines and append text links to home pages and brief bios to the articles you submit. If you are a webmaster, your site will benefit. And you might make some friends.

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