Retiring & Living Abroad

Puente Del Este, Uruguay The world is getting easier to travel. Western living costs continue to spiral. Western cities have major crime problems. So retirees and the soon-to-retire have started looking toward better qualities of life abroad. Much of their search involves third-world countries as alternatives. fiberglass duct board

The goal of Retired Expat is to help retired and retiring expats find the right retirement situation.

What's New for Expats

Is Retirement Abroad Right for You?

After you've been lured by the low cost of living; after you've been razzle-dazzled by white sandy beaches or towering mountain views; long before you sell everything you own and move off to a foreign land, there is one question that still needs to be answered:

Choosing a Retirement Tax Haven

The words "expat", "retirement" and "tax haven" are used together so frequently that you would think it possible to just open a book, pick a tax-free country from the list, and move there.

Well, actually, it is that easy, but it's not a good idea without doing some tire kicking first. tax haven

Your Dream House

You have picked you spot, had a going away party and made the trip. Now comes the good part, finding your dream home and enjoying the expat experience. But before you can relax on the veranda, you need to make a few decisions. pet water dispenser

Is it better to rent or to buy expat housing? And after you decide that, will you be happier in a neighborhood or an expat community?

Health Insurance for Expats

An important issue that many Expats tend to overlook when doing their initial retirement planning is whether or not their health insurance is going to be accepted in their new home.

While most policies will provide coverage, or at least reimbursement, for policyholders who are traveling in a foreign country, all bets could be off once you take up residence. expat health insurance

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